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Our manufactures

From the first years of work in a solid-propellant business, it has become clear that we can not do it without our own production facilities.

But, as you know, it is not a problem to buy equipment and to find competent experts, how to find high-quality, constantly updated raw materials base, which will ensure the continuous process of production of briquettes or pellets all year round.

So with 2013 our never-ending trips on the major woodworking enterprises of Russia were began. And by the summer of 2014 we were able to find a large enterprise in the Kirov region, with whom we are in partnership installed its first press of German company "RuF". After a short installation and commissioning we were able to reach the operating power and producing in two shifts 7-9 tons of briquettes each day. Successfully implementing this project, we decided not to stop the production of wood briquettes and in 2016 its first granulator OGM-1, 5 was installed in Belokholunitsky district of the Kirov region, that allows to produce more than 1 ton of premium wood pellets per hour.

At the moment we have one production of wood briquettes and two productions of pellet. The total efficiency is 200-220 tonnes of briquettes per month, and 800-900 tonnes of pellets per month.

But to be honest that the volume of our sales exceeds production capacity at least 2 times, so we have to cooperate with other producers to ensure that our clients demand in Russia and EU countries. Therefore, we are always in search of new production sites for installation of equipment for the production of fuel.

In this regard, we are ready to offer You a joint project for the installation of equipment and the further implementation of fuel in the countries of the European Union. The benefits of such a project is obvious and requires no further comment, so if You ever have the desire to open your own production, but in your country there is a large raw material base or data projects are too costly, we are ready to consider joint investments in production in Russia.

It will be the minimum cost of finished goods for you, because raw materials and labor is in many times cheaper than in EU countries, but for us it's a constant marketing of the products and strengthening the image of a large and stable manufacturer and retailer in our country.

If you are interested in this offer you can write to our mail and we will be glad to consider various options of cooperation on terms that will fully satisfy each side.

Our production

It's no secret that for the successful development and development of new markets sales - you cannot stand still and trade one or two types of fuel. For greater reach and ability to satisfy everyone’s needs customer, our company can confidently declare that it has the most a wide range of solid fuel products in the domestic market of Russia.

Our company has 4 types only wood briquettes "RuF":

  1. Briquette “mix” (from sawdusts of coniferous species and birch)
  2. Briquette from birch "dust" (from birch wood flour)
  3. Briquette from oak "dust" (from oak wood flour),
  4. Briquette mix from birch "dust" with the addition of wood chips (70-80% birch flour, the rest is birch chips).

In addition to briquettes “RuF”, we also have briquettes: Pini-Kay, Nielsen and Nestro packed in shrink film of 10 kg.

What can we do in our time without wood pellets? We also have 4 types of them:

Each type of fuel is suitable for certain tasks: expensive whites premium pellet for heating private houses with minimal ash content (up to 0.3%) ;to relatively cheap dark pellets with the addition of bark for heating, mainly industrial facilities. But they also fit and for private use in domestic boilers, service interval only shrinking and often have to clean the ash pan.

This is not all the positions of our products.

In our country, huge deposits of peat, which allows us to have assortment of peat briquettes of several types:

The main distinguishing feature of this type of fuel from wood briquettes is its high calorific value and unprecedented burning duration (up to 10-12 hours in long-burning pyrolysis boilers), which in the ratio of price / quality / burning duration makes it a very attractive fuel for use in private homes . But, also, there is a small minus - this is the ash that remains after the combustion of briquettes (~ 10% of the total mass of products).

And, the cherry on the cake is fine-grained coal WPC. The most “popular” and optimal type of fuel in the price / quality ratio in our country. Constantly high heat, lack of dust and carburizing, as well as an excellent burning duration. Its an undeniable advantage of coal over other fuels.

And the most important thing for which we have such a large assortment is our confidence that no client will be left without heat and the type of fuel he needs, even on the frostiest day!

Export opportunity

After the launch of the first production, we began to receive requests from European companies for the supply of wood briquettes and pellets. But since the production is in the Kirov region, there was a problem with logistics to European countries, and therefore, it was decided to open a large export warehouse in the city of Voskresensk.

Since 2016, we have been successfully selling our own products in countries such as: Italy, Germany, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia and other EU countries.

The main type of export products are - pellets. In less than 4 years, more than 20,000 tons were shipped to more than 10 EU countries.

Demand for briquettes “Ruf” and “Pini-Kay” is not so great as for pellets, but this does not prevent us from selling more than 400 tons of briquettes per month in total.

During all this time, we have managed to establish ourselves as a responsible supplier of quality wood fuel.

We have developed extensive contacts with European and Russian carriers, which allows us to help with the search for vehicles at the lowest market prices.

Customs clearing and transfer of documents takes place at our warehouse on the day of loading, which is very convenient for foreign carriers.

If you are looking for a reliable partner in our difficult business, we will be happy to help you ensure the necessary supply in the right amount and on time at the lowest market prices.

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